Point of turning

Lady Ruth white turned against Shoghi Effendi due to acts of Shoghi Effendi. She has narrated below incident:

In the Autumn of 1919 I sent to Abdul Baha [i.e. Sir Abbas Effendi] an American Express Company check of five hundred dollars and asked him to apply it to some of the many charities he was dispensing.

About four months after, we arrived in Haifa as the guests of Abdul Baha. On the day before departure I asked Abdul Baha if he had received the check. Without a moment’s hesitation and very emphatically he said that he had not received it. He repeated this a number of times, and seemed indignant that it had not been turned over to him. I discussed this with various members of the family of Abdul Baha, and one of the brothers-in-law said he would go to town and enquire about the matter.

He returned and said there were no record of the check. When I returned to America I asked the American Express Company to look up the receipt of the check I had sent through their office, and on the back of it was the signature of the person who had received the cash. This person was Shoghi Rabbani [i.e. Shoghi Effendi].

Later on she challenged the fraudulent will of Abdul Baha in below words:

“If Abdul Baha had had any secret intention of appointing Shoghi Effendi as Guardian of the Baha’i Cause, it does not seem plausible that he would have excluded him from the entourage that accompanied him on his trip through Europe and America during 1912. Shoghi Effendi at that time was eighteen years of age and spoke and wrote English, Persian and Arabic; yet he was not included in this trip. Even after Abdul Baha returned to Palestine, instead of choosing Shoghi Effendi as his secretary, he chose Ahmad Sohrab, who had accompanied him to Europe and America, and who continued as his secretary for five succeeding years.

It is important for those who are interested in the Baha’i Religion to free them from the idea that the family of Abdul Baha is a “Holy Family.” In fact his family, and “in-laws,” with the exception of his wife and sister, were somewhat materialistic, and viewed the religion more or less as a little family affair with a strong bent toward organization. For years they have indoctrinated, more or less, the pilgrims who visited the home of Abdul Baha, me included, with this conception of religion. This partly nullified the great universal teachings. The result was that when Abdul Baha passed from this world in November, 1921. Some of his family, who had laid the ground-work for organization through these pilgrims while he was alive, hastened to establish it more firmly when he died. All this resulted in making the Baha’i Movement, under the dictatorship of Shoghi Effendi, an organization which for narrowness and bigotry has no parallel in history except in the dark ages.”


View on UHJ and Current Administration structure

Universal House of Justice

Universal House of Justice

There are no officers in this Cause. I do not and have not ‘Appointed’ anyone to perform any special service, but I encourage everyone to engage in the service of the Kingdom. The foundation of this Cause is pure spiritual democracy and not a Theocracy. – Abdul Baha

She was a founder of Free Baha’is ideological group trying to disseminate the True Faith of Baha’u’llah as against the Baha’i Administration.

Some of the teachings of the Faith are:-

  • The oneness of all the world’s great religions.
  • The Oneness of God.
  • The harmony of science and religion
  • The oneness of humanity.
  • Progressive Revelation
  • God has progressively revealed His attributes through a series of Manifestations or Prophets including Adam, Krishna, Buddha, Muhammad, Christ, Zoroaster, Moses, the Bab, and Baha’u’llah.
  • Independent investigation of the truth.
  • Strict adherence to the Covenant of Baha’u’llah and Abdul-Baha.
  • Free Bahais love the entire world; to love humanity and try to serve it; to work for universal peace and universal brotherhood.
  • We firmly and strongly believe that Abdul Baha, The Most Mighty Branch, did not appoint Shoghi Effendi as the Guardian and the Alleged Will of Abdul Baha is forged and a fake.

Keeping this in mind one should expect that the teachings of the Shoghi Effendi should be a mirror of Baha’u’llah and Abdul Baha’s teachings. Therefore we see that Shoghi Effendi’s life is contrary to the beliefs and teachings of the Baha’i Faith. There are numerous contradictions in the statements of Abdul Baha and Shoghi Effendi. Let us just take two  examples.

1-The infallible Center of the Covenant (Abdul Baha) said that Confucius was a Manifestation (Promulgation of Universal Peace, p.346). Which is the position held today. Shoghi Effendi states, “Confucius was not a Prophet (Manifestation)” (Lights of Guidance, p.349).

2-In the words of the infallible Shoghi Effendi:“It is too late to save the world. The Message of Baha’u’llah has been in the world over one hundred years … but it has been rejected… The calamity will be sudden … The Russian submarines will paralyze Great Britain, the United States, Europe, the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean seaboards … Bahais should not only leave their homes but go away as far as possible from the coasts … The  coming calamity will be worse than war! Whole cities will evaporate! Especially in those cities where it is hardest to teach the Faith such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco … The calamity will happen before the Lesser Peace.” (Bahai Lore, p. 122 from Ruhaniyyih Ruth Moffet, ‘Visiting the Bahai World Center’ [May 17 – June 1 1954], pp.7-8.)

This “prophecy” bears all the marks of someone who is afflicted with an overabundance of morbid imaginings, possibly inspired by a fondness for reading “novels.”